Letters to Lisbon

Last time in Lisbon, the city took us by surprise with its killer food scene, vibrant nightlife, rich history, and incredible value. We just had to go back on our “Br/Eur-exit” trip of a lifetime.

Having done the city before, we had more time to explore attractions such as the Oceanarium which is a seafood sealife lovers paradise. What makes this aquarium special is the giant ocean tank centrepiece that is set across two floors built around the tank. This means you can check out schools of fish, sharks and rays hovering above, and sea bed life such as crustaceans and coral fish down below. There are also themed eco systems like the cold and icy penguin enclosure, but the crowd favourite were the adorable otters who enjoyed showing off in front of guests by gliding backwards through the water.

A short walk away is the Science Museum which I absolutely loved. Not only is it a beautifully designed complex, it is 100% interactive and designed to make science fun. I think we spent over an hour just on a few brain teasers before we moved onto a fun exhibition on the human digestive system and hazard management! I wish there were more places like this. Perfect for families, and hiding away from the extreme heat or cold.

We managed to cram in a trip to the beach near Cascais to make up for the lack of sun and sand opportunities in Greece and Croatia earlier in our trip. It wasn’t the best beach with its weak waves, but the tan from the Mediterranean sun is most welcome. During our stay in Lisbon, we managed to visit one of new favourite eateries called A Cevicheria which unsurprisingly specialises in ceviche amongst some creative dishes like a quinoa risotto. This place is gangbusters by 6pm even on a weekday!

Lisbon, you will be missed.


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