Colours of Girona

Girona doesn’t normally make it to the top of a typical Spanish itinerary. Located just a short regional train ride away from the bustle of Barcelona, But it doesn’t look like Spain, if fact, the town with its Roman influences, bold colours, and narrow cobble stone alleys is more Italian. Little wonder that this town with its towering cathedral and old fortifications still intact was just perfect for the Game of Thrones set designers.

But we were here for an appointment made 11 months ago. No it was not the dentist, but a restaurant booking! El Celler De Can Roca is one of the worlds best and we somehow scored a table online whilst we were living in London. The timezone alignment helps a great deal waiting for the strike of midnight!.

What we didn’t know was that Girona was a fascinating day trip in itself. We so happened to visit whilst there was a flower festival which meant that the entire town was one big open art gallery. In every corner and turn there was something to see. Whether its a dragon breathing out ‘flames’ of flowers, or a giant onion made of onions, or even the streamers of bold colours, it was a feast for the eyes.

Girona is popular with the local tourists and I feel they like it to keep it that way. It’s a day trip worth doing if you are in Barcelona, or if you have a table at El Cellar.



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