Crystal of Korčula

Croatia is also famous of the many islands scattered along the Adriatic Sea. We did a day trip guided tour out of Dubrovnik where a bus picked us up from the fringe of the old town. It wasn’t too long before we had to hop off the bus and onto a little boat to take us to the island of Korcula.

Like Dubrovnik, Korcula town is a well preserved medieval site with stone towers and a walled perimeter on a much smaller scale. The town is very well planned, where the grid like formation of the buildings means that it maximises the airflow currents from the sea to keep the town cool in the hotter months. But one can easily go for a dip in the impossibly clear waters. It shimmers like polished crystal that’s just so ever inviting. Unfortunately the temperature was just not that warm enough to have a dip during our visit!

It doesn’t take long to wander through Korcula town with its compact dimensions so our tour took us to try local Croatian wine (which admittedly was not to my taste), and a stop over at a oyster shack for a snack. These oysters were very fresh having just been plucked from the farms and are exceptionally briny owing to the high salt content of the Adriatic.

Croatia is rich in history, even in the modern day with the events of the war in the 90’s that I was most fascinated about as I heard much about growing up and watching the news.


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