Dubrovnik – The Fortress

There’s something captivating about a city that is entirely ‘walled up’. Dubrovnik was a prosperous town of trade but it’s towering walls concealed everything inside from prying eyes outside. This made it difficult for invaders to assess the defensive capability and the pay off of attack very difficult.

These days, the very well preserved structures still look imposing and mighty. Of course it has been popularised by Game of Thrones and you can really understand why Dubrovnik was scouted for filming. The tourists overflowing from cruise boats fill the entire town to the brink of ridiculous so we found the town far more enjoyable in the evening when the street lamps are lit, the tourists have gone, and the trade settles.

No trip is complete without tracking the wall which surrounds the entire town. The views are especially captivating and if you play the GoT soundtrack in the background, it’s especially epic.



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