A Puglian Adventure – Bari, Alberobello & Ostuni

Puglia is best explored by car. The highways are reasonably easy to navigate and most destinations are within an hour or two from each other. We left the rather forgettable Bari to the picturesque seaside town of Poligano e Mare to stretch our legs and soak in a bit of sun. Unfortunately the water was too cold for a swim!
But the real highlight of the day was the Trulli houses in Alberobello. The odd homes that kinda look like concrete bee hives are fascinating to look at. The roofs are ingeniously assembled with no concrete meaning they could be disassembled at notice to avoid taxes on “houses”. Those clever Italians. We enjoyed an exceptional deli lunch sampling local cured meats, breads and of course, the famed cheeses. I’ve never had burrata so fresh!
When in Puglia, a stay in a Masseria is an experience in itself. They are kind of like a self contained and self sufficient farm house. Once a home to a family, they now appeal to tourists who want a slice of the agricultural life in Puglia. Many Masserias are spread across large acreages filled with olive trees. You can find many around Ostuni ranging from basic to downright luxurious.
Masseria Moroseta is one such fine example that is inspired by a tradition but given a modern design-led makeover. It’s the kind of place that would feature on wanky design journals and coffee table books. But the hospitality is anything but pretentious. The details, facilities and relaxed service is second to none. One should not turn down the creations of the onsite chef. Not only is she an exceptional baker, her all organic omelette with fresh mozzarella is particularly epic.



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