Sweet like Sorrento, Italy

We spent two nights in the coastal town of Sorrento, located a coach/train ride from Naples. Two years ago, we were captivated by the Amalfi Coast so this time, we wanted to see the other side of the peninsula as part of our journey to Capri Island. Sorrento is not a big city, but it doesn’t feel quiet either. There’s a nice buzz about the cafes sprawled outside the streets for people watching, myriads of laneways filled with gift shops and gelato bars vying for attention. It’s popular with tourists (especially American) but it doesn’t feel overrun and devoid of locals. Nice for a weekend wander.

Much like many of the towns nestled on the Sorrentine peninsula, Sorrento is mounted on steep slopes which means lots of staircases. That also means that you get a commanding view of the waterfront across multiple points in town. But a perfect way to really admire the sea is to eat regional food alongside it. We had a superb dinner at Bagni Delfino which specialises in seafood so we ordered up big on a platter of local seafood (sea urchin, tuna, prawns, shellfish) and the handmade gnocchi. Of course, it cant be a complete meal without a shot of potent limoncello! It was so good, we came back and the owner gave us a bottle of house wine as a gift to take home. How sweet is that?


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