Santorini Blues

There’s no denying the fact that Santorini is a tourists paradise. The shimmer from the still sapphire blue waters against the beaming white calderas is something worth seeing in a lifetime. But compared to the quieter islands in the Cyclades, Santorini lacks soul.

This is most evident in the restaurants where a meal of a starter, Greek Salad, and a grilled fish or octopus can easily be two to three times the price of inferior quality. Why? They can just get away with being OK. Menu offerings are limited and lack imagination even when compared to Athens who really have try and earn the tourist dollars. We tried a number of TripAdvisor +4.5 rated restaurants of varying price points to form this overall conclusion.

In some aspects, this side of Santorini reminds me my visit to Venice. But if you keep staring outside that mystical view, it makes everything worthwhile.

Tip – When in Oia, the best meal we had as at Melitini which serves tapas (meze) style food and has a interesting selection of local craft beer.


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