Sail, Sun and Swim, Santorini

We opted for a different view of the island by boat which tracks along the pristine but dramatic cliffs of the island. Much of it was formed by volcanic activity many years ago. The first stop was the volcanic island where you can still see the sulphur from the seabed tinting the typically blue water into something a bit more green. Also, the water here is a few degrees warmer for which I was quick to capitalise on as the sea was still too cold to swim in late April. I made a pretty bad attempt at a dive but the water was refreshing and very clean. At least I swam!

There were numerous stops along the way such as the red sand beach, the white cliff beach, and a tasty barbeque lunch. Many were also happy to see limitless white wine and ouzo onboard which kept everyone happy.

But most were here for the sunset and that sunset is truly a sight to behold. The way the sun just sinks into the sea, disappearing into the horizon is pretty special. So special in fact that one couple got engaged on the boat! Santorini makes you do crazy things.


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